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SFC Home Pages:

Y   Rougue

Y   Valzgr8 EYou Are Here

1.    Val’s haunted Overlook Hotel

2.    Replacement PayPhones

3.    SFC Custom Yak-Yak Collection

4.    SFC Apartment Collection

5.    SFC Custom Portals

Y   SFC Splash Screens Plus!


Guest Pages

Y   Rosemary’s Garden

1.    Lots

2.    Skins

3.    Objects

4.    Sims2Coming Soon!

Y   Gandalf’s Grey Haven

1.    Objects

2.    Lots

Y   Heaven Simmed

Y   Jukia’s Creations


SFC Information:

Y   SFC Updates

Y   SFC Lots Explained


Y   SFC Forums

Y   SFC Sims Links Collection

Y   SFC Download Installation/Uninstallation Guide

SFC Tutorials

1.    Making Casuals into Buyables – by Val

2.    Making a Haunted Hotel on VacationIsland – by Val

3.    Creating a brand New Object – by Rougue

4.    Saving Your Sims – by Bruce/Gandalf

5.    Dealing With Buffers – by Rosemary

6.    Making Tuck-In Beds – by Rosemary

7.    Using Lot Manager – by Bruce/Gandalf

8.    Fit 2 Fat or Skinny Skins – by Val – Coming Someday!


SFC Yahoo!Groups:

Y   SFC Group 1

Y   SFC Group 2

Y   SFC Gifts

Y   SFC Estates

Y   SFC Walls/Floors

Y   SFC Rugs

Y   SFC Archives

Y   Sims 2 Fanatics Community

Y   Sims 3 Fanatics Community – NEW!


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Would you like your Sims page to be a part of the SFC? Do you need help building your Sims Page?

Email Rougue or Val about the possibilities!








Val is happy to be a part of the Sims Fanatics Community, ya!





Page Index



·       Updates

·       SFC FAQs

·       SFC Sims Links Collection

·       Lots Explained

·       SFC Download Installation/Uninstallation Guide



·       Making Casuals into Buyables

·       Making a Haunted Hotel on VacationIsland

·       Fit 2 Fat or Skinny Skins



·       Objects

  1. Replacement PayPhones
  2. SFC Yak-Yak Collection
  3. SFC Apartment Collection
  4. SFC Custom Portals

·       Skins

·       Lots

  1. Val’s haunted Overlook Hotel

·       Other

  1. SFC Splash Screens Plus!











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